Player Development

Team 365 believes that athletes cannot reach their fullest potential without taking care of the mind and body. Proper nutrition is key. Through this program, our players receive a customized plan that provides them with daily/weekly exercise routines to keep their bodies conditioned and healthy. Players also receive a meal plan that offers healthy meal and snack suggestions to keep their bodies fueled for success.


Featured program – Middle School Prep  / High School Prep

Our unique program works with every player and family to help them navigate the middle school and/or high school application process, learn about various baseball programs across SoCal and offer guidance on which program or school would be the best fit. No program fits all. This is why 365 Athletics works tirelessly to ensure that every player is where they want to be.


The Academic Advantage – 

Team 365 has partnered with Jr. Ivy Prep to ensure that our players work hard both on and off the field. As we know, grades matter! Our services include tutoring (private and small group), test prep (HSPT, ISEE, SAT, ACT) and academic enrichment. Various workshops are also held throughout the season to further develop skills in reading, writing, and critical thinking.