Key Personnel and Coaching Staff

Dave Waco – Founder, Coach – Baseball and Softball

Dave Waco – Founder, Coach – Baseball and Softball

DaveWaco runs and operates 365. He has had a vision and desire for over 20 years to bring top-level softball&baseball instruction and mentorship to the Los Angeles area.365 organization staff consists of a talented group of coaches and youth mentors that shares Dave’s passion and vision. DaveWaco started his first Sports Academy, Valley All-Stars Baseball Academy back in 1995, when he assembled top professional athletes who played baseball in Los Angeles for kids to learn from the Pros(active minor and major league ball players).Summary of some ofDaveWaco’s Baseball/ Softball achievements from the past 30 years.

  • 1988–1992–Played College Baseball at UC Santa Barbara(All League Honors)
  • 1993–1997–Professionally Played in the Philadelphia Phillies organizations.
  • 2008–Created Shockers Girls Softball Club
  • 2010–Cofounded the Encino-Sherman Oaks Girls Softball League(ESO).
  • 2013-17–Coached Girls Softball (Bownet/ Victory/Firecrackers/ Puma)
  • 2015-17–Helped Coach Harvard-Westlake Girls Varsity Softball
  • 2015-present–FormedShockers 365 AthleticsClub/ Academy

Victor Schwartz – Program Coordinator

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Victor Schwartz Program Coordinator

Victor brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to the entire 365 organization, and his deep love for both baseball and community engagement are at the heart of our 365 family. 

A seasoned professional of business operations Victor has dedicated years to fostering a positive and inclusive environment for community building. With an understanding of the developmental needs of youth players, and the need for parent engagement, he has been a partner in designing and implementing impactful programs that go beyond the baseball field.

Victor’s commitment to actively collaborate with coaches, parents, and community partners to create an approach that enhances the players development as well as the experience for the families on the baseball journey

Eric Horvat – Coordinator of Player Development/Recruiting

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Eric Horvat –  Coordinator of Player Development/Recruiting

Eric Horvat is a dedicated family man, entrepreneur, former D1 collegiate athlete, and mentor of High School ballplayers for college recruitment. Married to Stacey Horvat, Eric is the proud father of two children, Blake, 11 and Brodie, 6 who are actively involved in baseball and softball themselves.

Eric’s journey into the world of athletics and mentorship began at Hart High School, in Valencia, Ca, where he graduated in 1997. Eric attended Cal State University Northridge, where he had the privilege of playing ball under the tutelage of College World Series Champion Coach Mike Batesole.

In 2012, Eric and his wife, Stacey Horvat, co-founded Horvat Recruiting Videos, a venture dedicated to producing high-quality recruitment videos for aspiring baseball and softball players. Over the years, they have filmed and produced more than 1700 recruitment videos, assisting thousands of players in securing collegiate opportunities.

Beyond his entrepreneurial pursuits, Eric is a three-time author of youth inspirational books, reflecting his commitment to empowering young athletes both on and off the field. His books serve as a source of motivation and guidance for aspiring players navigating the challenges of competitive sports and personal growth.

Since 2012, Eric has been actively involved in mentoring baseball players and their families through the intricate college recruitment process. His firsthand experience as a collegiate athlete and his extensive work in recruitment videos have equipped him with invaluable insights and expertise, making him a trusted advisor for families seeking guidance in their athletic endeavors.

As the Lead Family Advisor, Eric Horvat brings a wealth of knowledge, passion, and dedication to his role, empowering families and athletes to navigate the complexities of youth sports and pursue their dreams of collegiate athletics.

Lynn Burtera - Accounting/ Operations Support

Lynn Burtera – Accounting / Operations Support


Accountant who manages and supports the day to day activities for Team 365.Bachelor’s degree in accounting with more than 10 years+ experience in Corporate Accounting combined with Tax Preparation and Client Tax Advice.

Specialist on federal-state tax laws and regulations, including COVID. Instrumental in helping structure and support on and off-field activities for Team 365.

Chris Baker – High School and Recruiting Lead

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Chris Baker – High School and Recruiting Lead

Chris Baker,  played 3 years of college ball then was drafted and signed by the Toronto Blue Jays. Played 10 years professionally with Toronto Blue Jays, Texas Rangers and Houston Astros. Have been coaching Youth travel ball for the last 18 years.

Stacy Horvat – Coordinator of Player Development/ Recruiting

Stacy Horvat

Stacy Horvat – Coordinator of Player Development/ Recruiting

  • High School and College Recruiting and Mentorship
    • Skills Videos
    • Recruiting seminars and advocacy
  • Helped facilitate the recruitment of over 140 Players to NCAA College programs since 2014
  • Filmed, produced, and edited over 592 Skills Videos to date
  • Varsity Softball Coach Kennedy High School, since 2007
  • Winner CIF Championship, 2010

Coaching Staff

Nic Cerritos – 9U, 11U and 12U

Nic Cerritos – Lead Instructor/ Coach

Nic is the lead Instructor, Pitching Coach and an instrumental leader to the kids. A graduate from Kennedy High School where in his senior season he was 1st Team All-City, League MVP lead his team to a D1 City Championship in 2006. Played Collegiately at Mission College, Bethany and San Diego Christian Universities. Coached High School Teams at Kennedy HS where he was the Varsity Hitting and Pitching Coach then went back to his Alma Mater Chatsworth as an Assistant Coach in 2018. Presently Coaches many of the 365 teams and passes along his great enthusiasm and passion for the game of baseball.

Jacob Reyes – 13U, 14U, HS

Jacob Reyes – Coach/ Catching Specialist

Graduate from Kennedy High School and Attended Cal Baptism University and played baseball at LA Valley College. Studying Kinesiology. Specializes in Catching and passing along his knowledge of the position.

Chris Scarlata – 12U, 13U, 14U, HS

Chris Scarlata – 12U, 13U, 14U, HS
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Coach Chris played his college ball at UC Santa Barbara. Chris has coached High School Baseball for 10 years at schools starting at Notre Dame HS and is currently at Milken Community School as head of the 9th and 10th grade.  Chris led teams to win the Heritage HS League to 3 Championships over the years and was Coach of the Year in the Heritage League in 2010.

Caleb Valenzuela – 8U, 9U, 10U, 11U

Caleb Valenzuela – Coach/ Infield Specialist

Caleb Valenzuela comes from a baseball family and has always been surrounded by the game. He played baseball at Kennedy High School. Caleb is currently working towards his bachelor’s degree in psychology with an emphasis in child development at Cal State University Northridge. With this he plans to become a sports psychologist or a youth counselor. Extremely skilled at instructing kids and helping them advance their knowledge of the game.

Deuris Severino – 12U, 13U, 14U, HS

Deuris Severino – 12U, 13U, 14U, HS

Deuris Severino started playing baseball at 11 years old. He was signed by the Chicago Cubs at age 17 where he played as RHP in minor leagues for 5 years. After that he continued playing for the OYM University in Santo Domingo Dominican Republic.  In 2019 he moved to USA . He played in different independent leagues as well as in Mexico where he got the attention of the local press and was featured in many newspapers as the most valuable pitcher of the league. Another of his passions is coaching children so he can pass his knowledge and teach them the steps to become pro. Deuris continues active and training to play internationally in different leagues

Dom Ramirez – Coach/ High School and Recruiting Lead

Dom Ramirez – Coach/ High School and Recruiting Lead

Coach Dom originally from Whittier Ca where he played football and baseball for Pioneer High School and coached at his High school prior to relocating out to SFV . He brings 14yrs of travel ball experience into our program from the development level onto the highest level baseball can offer. He is currently responsible for developing some of the top talent here in SFV throughout many high schools. He is truly motivated by giving back by helping kids grow on and off the baseball field.

Chad Novick – 12U, 13U, 14U, HS

Chad Novick – 12U, 13U, 14U, HS

Chad Novick has been a college level pitching coach for the last 15 years sending countless kids to D/1, D/2, D/3, NAIS, andMissing Photo Professional ranks. Taking pride in hard work, dedication and teaching young men the importance of mental toughness.  

 Having a passion for the game that developed as a child, and has never been extinguished. My consistent effort in studying pitching, and learning from the great coaches that came before me, have built a strong foundation of knowledge, experience, and devotion that are hard to come by.   Always lead by example to show every player on the field that they matter. Baseball may be a game to some, but it is a lifeline to others. As an instructor I will propel teams and kids forward to effect positive change both with their teammates and in their own communities.

Eddie Lample – 12U, 13U, 14U, HS

Eddie Lample – 12U, 13U, 14U, HS
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An educator with a baseball background. Coach Eddie caught in 3 College World Series including with Cal State Fullerton. I have developed hitters and catchers for the past 6 years. I believe in developing not only the physical but mental side of the game.

Branden Duarte – 8U, 9U, 10U, 11U

Branden Duarte – 8U, 9U, 10U, 11U
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Branden, a former baseball player that has been coaching baseball for 8 years. I’ve been through all levels of travel baseball. Branden specializes in infield and pitching on the baseball field, and off the baseball field I specialize in strength, explosiveness, and mobility.

Eliel Swinton – Speed and Agility trainer

97 Stanford Football Captain, And Track letterman 

Founder of Carpe Diem Sports Academy with Coach Bill Walsh

S.A.C. certified Speed Coach

Nike SPARQ trainer and Brand Ambassador

Former Head Scout NCSA

Former co-owner of The Factory Training (Sherman Oaks) 

Currently 10+ years Sierra Canyon Football Speed and Agility coach

Dominic Necoechea – 12U 13U, 14U, HS

Dominic Necoechea – 12U 13U, 14U, HS
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Dominic Necoechea played for Manny Alvarado and won a City Title in 2006 with Kennedy HS. Coach Dom earned a scholarship to play baseball in San Diego and graduated with a degree in Psychology. 

After College, Coach Dom spent 8 years working in rehab facilities, treatment centers, hospitals, and mental health clinics. Coach Dom worked hands on with patients suffering from Anxiety/Depression/Trauma/PTSD/substance abuse/ Schizophrenia/ And Suicide Ideation. Coach Dom’s passion lies in Peak Performance, Growth, and Development. 

In 2018, Coach Dom was given an opportunity to Coach baseball at the HS level. Coach Dom was able to utilize his skills as a mental health specialist and apply them on the field. In 2022, Coach Dom made a full transition and started working full time as a Baseball Coach (HS, Travel ball). 

Coach Dom was mentored and Coached by Men who made Character and Integrity a priority, a foundation he continues to cultivate amongst his own teams. Coach Dom’s goal is to develop kids both mentally and physically, preparing them for success on and off the field.